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Michael DePiro Full Bio

Michael was brought into the world of entertainment and performance very early, being the nephew of the late Frank DeSal, Michael quickly fell in love with the world of performing arts. By the time Michael was three years old, he would be dancing around the house and would bring smiles to all of the adult’s faces.


Michael had no idea that his life would change forever come that winter. Christmas of 1995 Michael rushed downstairs to all of the lovely wrapped gifts under the tree, under the tree stood one huge square shaped box wrapped with beautiful red and green paper. Little did Michael know that from that big box he would be able to create the person he is today. Michael quickly tore the paper off of the box to find a HUGE Magic kit. This Magic kit would soon help kick off Michael’s career in performing arts. By age four Michael had already started to master his Magic Tricks. With the help from his mother Darlene, and his father Michael Sr. he would quickly learn how to make small cans and objects disappear.  Although Michael did not become a Master overnight, Michael would start his shows off by performing for his Aunt Mary Jane and Uncle Bill on the couch. Over the next few years, as Michael continued to grow, he would invite his aunt and uncle over to watch him do these magic tricks. His sister, Jolene DePiro would be his assistant to his show. As he performed, she would help him by removing magic tricks from the table, and bring the new out. When Michael added Jolene to his performance, he knew he wanted to make it bigger.


Early summer of 1998 Michael wanted to bring his newfound talent to everyone he knew. Michael started knocking on doors, and putting up fliers around the neighborhood, and gathered his neighbors in his backyard and put on a magic show for them. Michael would start by dancing, and sing in his shows, as well as perform small but fantastic magic tricks. Michael’s friends and neighbors would cheer him on, even though his shows at the time were nothing unusual or extraordinary, to young Michael they built him up to continue with his life in performing.


In 2003 Michael started to expand, and reach out to the community. With the continued support of his family and friends, Michael was able to reach out to the local library and was able to put on shows there for the younger kids. Michael would put on these shows to help bring more people into the library, and help encourage kids to continue to read and continue to imagine and believe in themselves. For as young as Michael was he was a role model to his peers. Michael quickly built up his crew. Soon it was not only his sister who was helping him, but his sister’s friends Harley Pfahler and Courtney Proctor, and Michael’s friends Dylan and Logan Hoskinson, Aren Jordan and Emily Van Clief,  Were all members of Michael’s newly found crew. Together they would put on hundreds of shows around Pennsylvania, and give back to the community. Michael and his crew continued to perform at the local library, filling every seat in that small theatre. 


In 2006 Michael and his crew performed their last show at the library, and from then on started to become more involved in the community. In July of 2006, Michael was duly elected into the International Brotherhood of Magicians and would claim his professional title as one of Americas Youngest Professionals.  In 2007 Michael started to perform for the “American Cancer Society” Michael and his crew would travel around Pennsylvania and put on shows for the Relay For Life Foundation and the Second Mile foundation. Both groups worked with the youth, Michael’s shows helped enrich the lives of these children and brought smiles to a sea of faces.  Michael being highly involved with his performance, and work soon started to explore new ways and options to grow in the industry. In 2007 Michael also joined the Future Business Leaders of America club and would take home the first prize in the Public Speaking division.  In 2008 Michael’s crew broke up. The only girl who was left was Harley Pfahler. Harley stood by Michael’s side and continued to perform shows around the East coast. Michael and Harley would soon be embarking on a ride to give back to the children, and the future of our youth.


In 2009 Michael took a break from his touring and stayed local to work on finishing High School and community theatre. Michael has been in the number of musicals, and stage plays to fill that knowledge pocket even more in the entertainment industry. However, sitting around, and studying was not enough for the sixteen-year-old. Michael wanted to give back to his Co-Actors and Actresses. He wanted to share knowledge and make it easy for them to get help in the entertainment industry. In October of 2009, Michael put his vision and plan into action. Michael developed the internet sensation website for performers to get hands-on help. In October of ’09 Michael’s newly found site, had over 200,000 hits in the first day it was live. Michael’s website was popular because it gave performers a resource that was missing. Michael developed to be a site where performers can go and ask questions, get casting calls, read up on the industry, and more for free. Michael’s goal was to help others fulfill their hopes and dreams. Michael offered services like Resume building and website building to actors and other types of performers all on his site. His site services were the cheapest around, and the struggling performer did not pass it up. Michael’s site “” has helped cast people into TV shows like CSI, Blue Bloods, and many others. It has helped people find Broadway auditions and has cast thousands into movies. [ sold in 2011 after Michael's first year of college, he was unable to keep up with the growing demand of the website]


In 2010 Michael and Harley came together once again for a whole new tour. This time it was for the kids. In September of 2010, Michael and Harley left Pennsylvania and headed for Memphis TN.  Michael and Harley made an appearance at the St. Judes Children’s Hospital, and they were a hit! Michael and Harley brought smiles to the faces of children, and their families.  After their show, they continued to work with kids. Michael and Harley worked with groups like The Children’s Miracle Network, and other types of foundations.   In 2010 Michael graduated from Altoona Area High School, he proceeded to College at Point Park University and finished his college career at Full Sail University with a Masters Degree in Business and Entertainment. In 2011 Michael started yet another business to help more people. DePiro Designs, LLC founded in January of 2011. DePiro Designs is designed to help small businesses grow and to develop a name in the online world. Michael’s company “DePiro Designs, LLC” helps small businesses build and launch websites. As well as develop their Social Media Marketing Plans. His company stands for everything he believes in, and that is giving back to the community. 


Michael continues to grow his company and continues to help others grow and build in the Entertainment Industry. Today, Michael is helping produce a major video game called Zera & The City Of Endless Night. Being developed by Blue Pulse Studios a company founded by Raphael Arkera, whom Michael met during his Master's program at Full Sail University. Michael and his team are working to bring a bunch of new stories to life!